When is it Time to Downsize? At some point, after your kids have moved out and started their own families, you may start thinking about downsizing your house. Depending on your personal situation, that may mean either moving into a smaller house, or to a senior living or independent/assisted living community. If you’ve been considering […]

Blended families increasingly are common, occurring when two people enter into a subsequent marriage after prior marriages end in death or divorce. While these relationships present many opportunities for joy and happiness, they also bring with them unique estate planning challenges, especially when children from previous marriages are involved. These challenges usually happen when one […]

As a Greensboro estate lawyer, one thing that surprises many of my clients is that Powers of Attorney are necessary even for married couples. People automatically assume that their spouse will be able to handle everything on their behalf if they become incapacitated. This is not usually the case. A Power of Attorney is a […]

It’s a common story among blended families: an aging parent becomes ill and the parent’s biological children clash with the parent’s spouse. While some of these disagreements are generally small, there are times when the disagreements are not only great, but the child also fears for the parent’s health and safety. Even though spouses have […]