Attention Law Students

Are you a law student curious about what it would be like to be an Elder Law and Estate Planning Lawyer? If so, The Elderlaw Firm would love to host you for a day to shadow a lawyer in our office. This would be a day (or half day if you prefer) to see how our firm interacts with clients and families who need our services. We welcome students from all North Carolina Law Schools, wherever you are in the state.

This will be a terrific opportunity to learn what happens inside of a law firm for these practice areas. We are different than many law firms because (a) we do not spend much time in the courtroom, (b) our clients truly appreciate what we do and they tell us that often, and (c) our services and pricing are based on solving problems, which means our work is not measured by the billable hour.

Our Shadowing Program is a great way to easily learn about this area of practice, without needing to find employment at a firm for a summer.

That said, please remember we generally hire one or two law clerks each summer. In addition, we often have part-time employment available for qualified law students even during the school year. We encourage interested law students to apply throughout the year for consideration.

When you visit our firm, you will recognize that our area of practice offers a terrific career path for attorneys. Clients appreciate what we can do for them. And, we are able to create a law practice that offers the opportunity to excel while maintaining work-balance. At The Elderlaw Firm, our work benefits our clients and many people we never meet, since decisions made now can affect generations to come.

If you’re interested in spending a day (or half day) at our office, we’d love to hear from you. To get started simply send an email to our Executive Director, Miriam Biber, at [email protected]. We look forward meeting you!

Dennis Toman, JD, CELA
Founder, The Elderlaw Firm
Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation
Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law
JD from UNC School of Law

About the author

Dennis Toman

With all four grandparents, plenty of uncles and aunts, plus lots of cousins of all ages and two younger siblings, Dennis understood the love and laughter and closeness that family means. With all of his grandparents farmers, Dennis learned quickly what hard work, being frugal and planning ahead for hard times meant.

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