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My Spouse or Parent Needs Care Now

When your loved one needs care now, you are in a crisis and need answers fast. To help put this into perspective, there are several key aspects to know about, as follows: What level of care will be needed? Where will they get that care? How much will it cost, and can they afford it?…

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Protect Your Ill Spouse and Your Savings

Jane paid $6,500 per month, month-after-month, while her husband Bob was in the nursing home. She spent over half of their retirement savings because that’s what the Medicaid Office told her to do. She came to see me and asked, “Had she spent enough? Was she going to have enough to live on?” If she’d…


Spousal Income Allowance

For married couples with one spouse in a nursing home, the spouse at home can keep a minimum amount per month of total income. This minimum income allowance is called the “Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance” or MMNA. This can be increased somewhat based on housing costs. This calculator helps you to determine the MMNA…

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