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Estate Planning Basics

When Trial and Error is Not a Good Way to Learn

August 2, 2015

Some people say that experience is the best teacher. But learning only from your mistakes can be dangerous. Many times you want to benefit from the experiences of others, or what I call “Other People’s Mistakes” (or OPM). You can also look at it as benefiting from “Other People’s Success” but it’s the mistakes that seem to…

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Estate Planning Fundamentals

February 1, 2015

When you get to the basics, everybody… whether you’re single, widowed, divorced, or a married couple or unmarried couple…has the same three main reasons for doing estate planning. Inheritance You’ve worked hard to save and accumulate your lifetime savings, and you want your intended heirs or charities to benefit from your efforts. These are decisions you want to…

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The Right Estate Plan Benefits You and Your Family

January 24, 2015

A properly formulated estate plan can have numerous benefits for your and your family. Make smart decisions today to create the future of your choice. When you do your estate planning, the first step is for your lawyer to discuss objectives, so that your lawyer can create a customized estate plan to meet your individual needs. With…

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Common Estate Planning Terms

December 23, 2014

Here’s a helpful list of typical estate planning terms, that you may hear when you meet with your lawyer for your planning. Naturally a good lawyer will use familiar terms and examples, so that you don’t go away confused by a obscure terminology. In fact, good estate planning lawyers have “unlearned” the way law students…

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Protect Yourself and Your Family through Smart Estate Planning

December 6, 2014

A Customized Estate Plan has Many Benefits for You and Your Family When planning be sure you take steps to protect yourself and your family, with a customized estate plan. By making smart decisions today you can create the future of your choice. When talking with a lawyer about your planning, he or she will have various…

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