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Power of Attorney

How to Avoid Power of Attorney Scams in North Carolina

December 17, 2018

Everyone has heard of the financial scams that target vulnerable seniors, even right here in North Carolina. Seniors are a common target for these scams because they often suffer from cognitive impairments that reduce their ability to discern legitimate requests from those that are not. One common situation is when a scam artist calls an…

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Thinking of Adding Your Child to Your Bank Account? Think Again!

June 8, 2018

Maybe it seems like common sense to be adding your child to your bank account, so they can help pay bills. This can be convenient, but people often don’t realize that the child will have more authority than to just sign checks. Adding your child to your bank account means that the bank would let…

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Greensboro Estate Lawyer Warns, “Without a Power of Attorney, You May Not Be Able to Speak for Your Spouse”

May 31, 2018

As a Greensboro estate lawyer, one thing that surprises many of my clients is that Powers of Attorney are necessary even for married couples. People automatically assume that their spouse will be able to handle everything on their behalf if they become incapacitated. This is not usually the case. A Power of Attorney is a…

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Why Would You Use a Power of Attorney Form from the Internet or Off-the-Shelf?

May 31, 2015

A durable power attorney (sometimes called a financial power of attorney) is one of the most important estate planning documents. But not all powers of attorney are alike. Using a form power of attorney that you purchase online or at an office supply store could be a very costly mistake. While a power of attorney form…

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North Carolina Power of Attorney

December 6, 2014

A Power of Attorney is one of the most important legal documents a person can have. Discover why it is needed for financial matters and health care decisions, and how the right Power of Attorney can avoid needing court intervention through Guardianship.

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Power of Attorney and Guardianship in North Carolina

October 19, 2014

Having the right power of attorney in place can be one of the most important things a family can do to plan ahead for incapacity. Every chance we can, we stress the importance of having a Power of Attorney. This month’s newsletter explains the difference between a Durable General Power of Attorney and a Guardianship.…

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