What Children Living Outside North Carolina Need to Know to Help Mom or Dad with Care

When your Mom or Dad’s health is declining and they need more help, what should you be doing when you live in another state? This is a question that arises many times, in our society where your children are more likely to live in another state, as just down the road.

Perhaps the first thought is that, “They need to move closer to where you live.” Even if that may ultimately happen, its not usually the first step. Relocating may be the last thing your parents want and pushing that idea can cause them to reject any other more helpful ideas you may present.

Tips for caring for aging parents

Here are some ideas you may want to consider, depending on your and your parents’ situation.

Make the time to be available

In all situations, it’s important to respect your parents but don’t worry in silence. Build bridges to talk to them, and make sure that they know you care. No one wants to look back and say, “If only I had done….”

In your list of activities, take time to write down the things that are important and that only you can do. That list is fairly short. It should include, being your parent’s child. Another item on your list is taking care of your own health. There may be a few more things on that list as well, such as being a parent to your children or being a husband or wife to your spouse.

That doesn’t mean that you need to drop all you are doing and go move closer to your parents, or to completely devote your life to bringing them into your home. Instead my point is, that among all the things that grab your attention daily, you need to give priority to the activities that require your personal time and attention because those activities are important and can’t be handed off to someone else.

As your parents age, be sure that you’ve taken steps you won’t later say, “If only I had done…”

Here is a list of helpful tips for caring for aging parents from the Mayo Clinic. Also helpful is this list of resources for Greensboro seniors.