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(336) 378-1122

Need to Get Started Today?

Fast Track Estate Planning

Why You Need An Estate Plan Today

Now more than ever, you and your family need a plan for when life takes unexpected turns. Because it always does. 

With our Fast Track Estate Planning, you can execute essential legal documents in little turnaround time to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Create a plan for who will manage your financial affairs and health care decisions if you become ill;  
  • Ensure assets are distributed to the individuals of your choice and according to your terms;  
  • Preserve assets in trust for children, grandchildren, loved ones with special needs or family members with health care concerns. 

We have created 3 unique plans to meet your needs. Your documents will be completed within a few business days. 

Fast Track Estate Plans

Decision Makers Plan 

Ideal For: Anyone 18 years or older who needs to appoint decision makers if you can no longer speak or act for yourself. 

Plan Includes:  Powers of Attorney for health care and property/financial decisions 


Basics Plan

Ideal For: Single adults, young couples with no minor children, and older couples with adult children. 

Plan Includes: Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney for financial and health care decisionsMedical directives (Living Will and HIPAA Statement)


Young Family Plan

Ideal For: Young couples with minor children, to manage their inheritance in a trust and name guardians. 

Plan Includes: Last Will and Testament with Testamentary Support TrustsDurable Power of Attorney for financial and health care decisionsMedical directives (Living Will and HIPAA Statement) 


5 Easy Steps

  1. Schedule a Consult. Speak with one of our Intake Specialists who will assist you with scheduling your appointment and send you the necessary forms to guide the consult process. 
  2. Consult with an Attorney. Discuss your planning goals and outline your wishes during a meeting with an attorney via video or telephone. The session will include a 30-minute strategy session to plan. If services are retained, your attorney will schedule a second meeting to review your documents with you and a third meeting for the signing of your documents. 
  3. Draft Review Meeting. Review your documents and discuss your questions with an attorney via video or telephone. The attorney will confirm your signing appointment and review the signing process with you. 
  4. Signing Appointment. Travel to The Elderlaw Firm's office, and an attorney and select group of staff members will facilitate the signing of your documents while you remain in the comfort of your vehicle. 
  5. Receipt of Final Documents. You may choose to receive your final documents either the same day or next day. All original estate planning documents and one copy of each document are delivered in a professional expandable folder. 
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