Greensboro Medicaid Application

For families with a parent or spouse in a nursing home, often a Medicaid application will be needed to pay for care. It is important to know your rights and options. It’s not the Medicaid office’s job to tell you how to protect your home and savings. Many families who try to file an application with the Greensboro Medicaid office will be told that they have too much money and to come back and apply later after they have spent most of their funds. Unfortunately for many of these families, they never learned how they could keep more of their hard-earned retirement savings. Some people listen to Medicaid’s advice about how to qualify for Medicaid and then later learn that they will lose the house because Medicaid showed them how to qualify for benefits, but not how to protect the home place. They wind up losing their home to the state, and wish they had gotten better advice from a Greensboro elderlaw firm sooner.

In Greensboro, the Medicaid office is at the Guilford County Department of Social Services. The Greensboro office is located at:

1203 Maple Street
Greensboro, NC 27405

Phone: (336) 641-3000
Office Hours: 8 am to 5 Monday-Friday

(Note: there is a separate DSS office located in High Point)

When you arrive at the Social Services office to file an application for Greensboro medicaid there is free parking available. You will need to register and wait in the large waiting room until you are called. Many people presume that the process of applying for Medicaid for their loved one is as simple as filling out a form. And for someone who has no home or assets to protect, that may be the case. But for anyone who has a home and savings or other investments, the Medicaid application process can be daunting and with hidden traps. One misstep and your application will be delayed and possibly even denied. What you don’t know about Medicaid could cost your family nearly everything. There are ways to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Remember, there are many good people who work at the Medicaid office. However, it is not their job to protect your house and your assets. Their job is to gather information and tell you whether you are approved or denied. Some workers will be more helpful and tell the applicant that they really should find an experienced elderlaw firm to help them. But many folks who never get that advice wish they had gotten the right help sooner.

The best way to proceed with your Greensboro Medicaid application is to use the resources here at NC Elder and Estate Planning to learn your rights and options. Then get help from a Board Certified Elderlaw Attorney, who can go over your situation with you. The right Greensboro elder law lawyer will tell you if you can do this yourself, or if you are smarter to get help. Look for an elderlaw firm that has a former DSS caseworker on staff and who will deal with the government so that you don’t have to.