High Point Elder Law Guide

For High Point Elder Law and Estate Planning, here are some keys to know. Guilford County is the only County in North Carolina that has its county government in two different cities. Here is information to help High Point residents of Guilford County, with Medicaid Applications and also to access court services relating to Guilford County Probate, Estate Administrations and Guardianship proceedings.

High Point Medicaid Applications

The office for the Guilford County Social Services for High Point Medicaid applications is located at:

Guilford Count Social Services
325 East Russell Avenue
High Point NC 27260

telephone: 336-641-3000

Office hours: 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

The website for Social Services is at http://www.myguilford.com/humanservices/socialservices/

Before you apply for Medicaid for assisted living or nursing home costs at the High Point Medicaid Office, be sure to learn the basics about Medicaid so you will be acquainted with the concepts. For example, not all Assisted Living Facilities accept Medicaid. And even if the facility accepts Medicaid, the North Carolina Medicaid Program for Assisted Living is different than Medicaid for Nursing Homes. The Assisted Living Medicaid program is called “Special Assistance” and it is not available if you receive too much in Social Security and/or retirement pension.

What you don’t know about Medicaid could cost your family nearly everything. That’s why it’s so important to get prepared and then to get the right help. Look around this site, get acquainted and if you have assets to protect make sure that you get the right help.

Bring this information to apply for Medicaid at High Point Medicaid Office

Social Services in High Point asks that Medicaid applicants bring with items listed below when they come to the office to apply. However, even if you’re missing some of these items, you should still apply. The caseworker will tell you what additional information you still need. The items to bring are as follows:

 High Point Estate Administration and Probate, and Guardianship

The High Point Courthouse for Guilford County Clerk of Court is located at:

505 East Green Drive
High Point, NC 27262
Telephone: (336) 822-6700

This courthouse is part of Guilford County although it is separate from the primary courthouse in Greensboro. Often Elder Law Attorneys and their clients need to work with the Clerk of Superior Court on matters of estate administration (to probate an estate in High Point), as well as for guardianship incompetency decisions and guardianship administration.  Note: Probating an estate in North Carolina generally requires making public otherwise private information about assets and debts, and final wishes. That can be avoided or minimized through use a the appropriate type of trust planning for North Carolina.

Guilford County Register of Deeds in High Point, North Carolina

High Point has a separate Register of Deeds in both Greensboro and Guilford County. The High Point Office of the Guilford County Register of Deeds is located at:

Guilford County Register of Deeds – High Point
325 E. Russell Avenue
Room 155
High Point, NC 27260

Telephone: (336)641-7556

Here is the website for the Guilford County Register of Deeds. Information about how to record deeds and powers of attorney and the recording costs can be found here.