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Lauren Zickert Quaas


Everyone has a story. For Lauren, it began when she was a child. She always had a futuristic mindset and really wanted a dog. Her father always told her that if she received good grades, went to a good college, found a good job, and got her own place to live, then she could get a dog.  

Being the motivated planner she is, Lauren completed her Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Finance and Marketing at the University of Iowa and her Juris Doctor degree at Elon University School of Law.  

She began interning at The Elderlaw Firm during the summer of her second year of law school, and has worked with the firm ever since. Her own journey of planning ahead in life and reaching her end goal of having a good job and finally getting a dog has been rewarding, but she isn’t stopping there.  

It comes as no surprise that Lauren enjoys her work as an estate planning and elder law attorney. She is happy to help clients plan for the worst-case scenarios so that they can enjoy the best times in life without worrying about what will happen to their family, pets, and things as they move through different stages of life. She wants every client’s story to have a happy ending because they planned ahead, too.