The Path to a Smooth North Carolina Medicaid Application…How to Avoid Denials and Appeals

Have you ever filed a Medicaid application? Or have you worried about the need to file one? An inadequate Medicaid application can lead to delay and lack of payment to the nursing home. These problems lead to denials of applications and appeals.

Filing a Medicaid application can be daunting. Think of an income tax return, where you have to not only provide income, but also asset information, family information, health forms, detailed banking records for past years and do this while a loved one is facing a care crisis. Daunting may be an understatement.

Knowing the ins and outs of Medicaid applications can mean the difference between spending hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily, or preventing a nursing home resident from being discharged for nonpayment. Our office regularly files Medicaid applications in many counties across North Carolina, and we know that families are simply unprepared for what awaits them at the Medicaid office.

Sometimes our clients have already tried to file a Medicaid application and failed. They know firsthand the difficulty in gathering and organizing the needed information, and the frustration of waiting in line to meet with the Medicaid office. After we tell them that we can handle the Medicaid application for them, there is a tremendous sigh of relief and the tension lifts from their shoulders. They smile. They are thrilled to hear that they don’t have to deal directly with a government office. They were worried about filing the wrong information, or saying the wrong thing, or not knowing whether what the caseworker says is correct or not…but not anymore.

On top of that, the Medicaid laws are complex and ever-changing. We’ve seen more errors made by the Medicaid office than we can count. While we were able to catch these mistakes, we wonder about the thousands of people who file applications without expert help… they never know the mistake was made so of course they can’t correct it!

Should families get professional assistance to file Medicaid Applications?

Some REAL Examples!

When it comes to filing a Medicaid application, there is no substitute for knowing the law and how the system works. Our office regularly assists families with their Medicaid applications. We can ensure that the application is handled professionally and promptly. Professional assistance will give families peace of mind, and ensure that the nursing home facility is paid in a prompt and orderly manner.