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Each seminar will cover important elder law issues leaving you informed and ready to to make the next step in your planning process. As you can see in the titles listed below of each seminar, some will have a more tailored focus.  It is generally sufficient to attend just one seminar.

We hold seminars both virtually and in person. CURRENTLY ALL SEMINARS ARE VIRTUAL DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS.

In Person Seminars

These seminars take place in our Toman Learning Center, next door to The Elderlaw Firm.  There is free parking and the seminars last about 1.5 hours.

Toman Learning Center
405 W. Fisher Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27401

Virtual Seminars

The virtual seminars take place using Zoom and make it possible for you to attend from anywhere and still ask plenty of questions.  This makes our seminars accessible to you whether its a matter of time or distance.


Everyone needs to plan for end of life whether we want to or not. This seminar will take something that can be overwhelming and break it down into understandable next steps. Our experts will speak about the following:

  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Medicaid for nursing home care
  • Powers of attorney vs. guardianship
  • Alzheimer’s planning,
  • Protecting a child’s inheritance (including special need Trusts)

Has Alzheimer’s, dementia or eldercare planning impacted your life? Whether you’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia or are a caregiver for someone who has been, this seminar will provide you with information to help you navigate these changes in your life. We will cover topics including:

  • The difference between dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Caregiver tips and community resources
  • Medicaid eligibility and government benefits
  • Legal, tax, financial and care concerns

Don’t Go Broke in the Nursing Home

A common fear many people experience is losing their entire life savings. Discover how to gain coverage without selling your home and protect your hard-earned assets in the process. In this seminar, we will share with you our decades of experience in the following areas:

  • Ways to pay for nursing home care
  • Married couples vs. single individuals
  • What about a Trust?
  • Can I just give my money away?
  • Will I lose my home to nursing care ?


Estate Planning is important at any stage of life. This seminar is specifically designed for those who are not in a crisis and are ready to make plans for the second half of life. We will cover the following topics:

  • The most important documents that everyone needs
  • Planning to plan – when should you begin
  • Types of Trusts and when should a Trust be used (or when it doesn’t make sense)
  • Planning for a loved one with Alzheimer’s
  • How to avoid probate

Medicaid process and coverage can feel overwhelming. Our experienced attorneys and Director of Medicaid Applications have you covered! In this seminar, we will help you gain some knowledge about the Medicaid process by addressing common topics and questions such as:

  • Ways to pay for nursing home care
  • Why it’s important to seek Medicaid advice
  • What is exempt and what is countable?
  • Medicaid eligibility requirements for married couples vs. single individuals
  • What about a Trust?
  • Can I just give my money away?
  • Will I lose my home to nursing care?
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Why people love our seminars!


"My first time with The Elderlaw Firm was when we went to one of the seminars they give. It motivated my wife and I to want to reach out to them to plan for our future, and get things done. They did exactly that! It was a very positive experience. I want others to have this same feeling of accomplishment. You owe it to yourself to go see them like we did. You won't be sorry."  

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