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Help may be available to offset the costs of home care or a long term care facility for veterans who served during a wartime period and their surviving spouses. Through a Veteran Administration’s pension benefit called Aid and Attendance, qualified veterans and surviving spouse
s may be eligible to receive a monthly check depending on their income and assets. It is always best to check with an experienced elderlaw attorney prior to going through the VA system, in order to ensure everything is done correctly for your specific situation.

veteran-364380_1280This program does not require a service-connected disability, and it can make the difference between being able to get care at home or losing assets and resources in an expensive extended care facility.

Apart from VA Aid and Attendance, there are also other programs that can be of assistance to a veteran. The Elderlaw Firm is here to help you explore the multitude of options available and make the right decisions for your unique VA Aid situation.

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