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The Indispensable Alzheimer's Resource Kit

Get instant access to over 92 of the breakthrough Alzheimer's care solutions of the past 4 years -- absolutely free!

"Don't Go Broke in a Nursing Home"

Reveals the 7 steps you should be taking right now to protect your loved one's savings while getting them the best care possible.

The Consumer's Guide to Medicaid

Discover how to qualify for Medicaid legally and honestly and get help with your long-term care costs.

The Consumer's Guide to VA Benefits

Discover a little-known VA Benefit for veterans and their spouses (up to $2,085 every month) that can help cover the costs of assisted living and home health care.

North Carolina Nursing Home Guide

Learn how to Find the Right Facility, Get Great Care There, and Pay for it Without Going Broke

The Consumer's Guide to Hospice Care

If you are considering Hospice for a loved one, this free guide details the important steps you should consider taking right away.

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North Carolina Elder Law, Medicaid, and Asset Protection Blog

» Avoiding five common retirement planning mistakes
06/10/13 from Greensboro, North Carolina Elder Law and Medicaid Blog
While I’m not an expert on investing, from my experience and having the benefit of working with thousands of clients over the years, I’ve learned that there are five common mistakes a lot of people make in retirement planning. I’m writin...

» Protect your family! Don’t write a blank check (and win a free book!)
06/03/13 from Greensboro, North Carolina Elder Law and Medicaid Blog
With 10 other lawyers from around the country, I authored the book “Protect Your Family! Don’t write a Blank Check to the Nur$ing Home.”  It contains the collective wisdom from a team of experienced, high-level elder law attorneys. Writt...

» The elder-care crossroad: How do you know when you’ve reached it?
05/24/13 from Greensboro, North Carolina Elder Law and Medicaid Blog
Mary Jacobs – special contributor Dallas Morning News May 13, 2013 Having worked as a hospice nurse, Angela Thomas of University Park felt confident she could handle caring for her husband’s elderly Aunt Grace Bickford in their hom...

» What’s in a name?
05/20/13 from Greensboro, North Carolina Elder Law and Medicaid Blog
Some people have asked, “Why is your firm called The Elderlaw Firm?” Usually law firms are named after the founding partners. But I had a different idea. As many of you know I’ve been an Elder Care Lawyer for many years, even before most...

» Cutting Through the Fog: Communicating with a Loved One with Alzheimer’s
05/15/13 from Greensboro, North Carolina Elder Law and Medicaid Blog
Communicating with a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be like trying to have a conversation with someone speaking another language: you both want to talk, but there’s this barrier preventing real understanding. Don’t give up! Good communic...

» Elder Care Law vs. Estate Planning: what’s the difference?
05/03/13 from Greensboro, North Carolina Elder Law and Medicaid Blog
When new clients come to see us, their focus often is on wills and trusts. They say something like, “I want to make sure my assets pass to my heirs with as little as possible in taxes and other expenses.” That’s typical traditional Estat...

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