If you served during active duty during a wartime period (WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War or Persian Gulf War) or if you are the widow of a wartime veteran, you may be eligible for a monthly check from the VA. In many cases you could receive $1000 or $2000 per month or more for services you… Read More

What can you do when a parent or spouse is losing the ability to manage his or her affairs? Maybe he or she is starting to make bad decisions? Here are some insights into this difficult situation from our elder law and estate planning expert, Dennis Toman. Dennis is the founder of Greensboro based law… Read More

Maybe you’re already in danger. Every day people in our area lose their homes because a catastrophic illness hits their family, and they can’t afford to pay the nursing home. If your spouse or loved one suffers a stroke, develops dementia, or is simply unsafe alone at home, you could lose everything to the cost… Read More

The North Carolina Nursing Home Guide, is available from The Elderlaw Firm, to North Carolina residents. Search for North Carolina nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospice care by clicking here for If you'd prefer a of the Guide emailed to you, to print out, please call The Elderlaw Firm. We'll sent it to… Read More

If you're the parent or grandparent of a child with special needs, the planning you do could make a tremendous difference to help your child or grandchild. You'll also be helping your other children with having resources and tools to best help their sibling. Generally a special needs trust will be used to provide this… Read More

Medicaid for long-term care is a huge topic, but we're going to cover the basics as briefly as possible here. How this applies depend to you or your loved one depends on your particular circumstances. Because these rules are complicated and change often, you should consult with Board Certified Elder Law Specialist to get the best… Read More

Reverse mortgages sound least according to the television commercials. But look at the details and you'll find that there are some significant downsides to reverse mortgages. They  aren't for everyone, although they can be useful in some situations. What are situations where reverse mortgages might make sense? Putting aside the cost of the reverse… Read More


Be cautious whenever an annuity is described as helping a person to qualify for Medicaid. Any deferred annuity purchased as a planning measure - that is, an annuity that will build in value and is purchased before a person goes into a nursing home - will be considered a countable asset. However there on particular North… Read More


Elder Law attorneys are competent, caring and compassionate professionals. The practice of Elder Law focuses on the overall view of what is best for older clients and their families. As the number of older individuals increases, the need is growing for specialized legal advice about aging-related issues. This topics typically include retirement income, long-term care… Read More


When you get to the basics, everybody... whether you’re single, widowed, divorced, or a married couple or unmarried couple...has the same three main reasons for doing estate planning. You've worked hard to save and accumulate your lifetime savings, and you want your intended heirs or charities to benefit from your efforts. These are decisions you want to make… Read More