When you're looking for a long-term care facility, this is a good place to start. Long-term care facilities include nursing homes and assisted living facilities in North Carolina. Nursing homes provide nursing or convalescent care residents and licensed by the State of North Carolina. Care provided includes long-term care of chronic conditions or short-term rehabilitation… Read More


Your medical directives need to be part of your estate plan. Sometimes called advance medical directors, this could include several documents, mainly as follows: This term may encompass a number of different documents, including a health care proxy, a durable power of attorney for health care, a living will, and medical instructions. The exact document… Read More


As a family caregiver, whether you chose the role or had it thrust upon you by circumstances, you know that taking care of an elderly loved one with memory or mobility issues can be exhausting and stressful. Often caregivers fail to care for themselves, for various reasons. But when you fail to care for yourself… Read More


Please caution your clients against ongoing scams via letters, phone calls and emails. An ongoing scam is a letter going to property owners asking them to pay a fee of $83 for a copy of their deed and a property assessment. It’s easy to fall for….but don’t. Anyone who responds will be paying for something… Read More


Your estate and trust planning should reflect you, your family, your financial and health situation, and your goals. At a minimum, everyone should have a Will (planning for inheritance) and Powers of Attorney for health care and finances (planning for incapacity). Many people will benefit from additional trust planning. There are three types of trusts… Read More

When a loved on needs care at home or in a facility, there may be help paying for costs of care. As a general matter, there are five ways to pay for the cost of care. These are: Medicare Private resources (including long-term care insurance) Veterans benefits Medicaid Each of these is summarized below. You can browse… Read More

A properly formulated estate plan can have numerous benefits for your and your family. Make smart decisions today to create the future of your choice. When you do your estate planning, the first step is for your lawyer to discuss objectives, so that your lawyer can create a customized estate plan to meet your individual needs. With… Read More

Have you ever filed a Medicaid application? Or have you worried about the need to file one? An inadequate Medicaid application can lead to delay and lack of payment to the nursing home. These problems lead to denials of applications and appeals. Filing a Medicaid application can be daunting. Think of an income tax return… Read More

Communicating with a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be like trying to have a conversation with someone speaking another language: you both want to talk, but there’s this barrier preventing real understanding. Don’t give up! Good communication can decrease and even prevent many behavioral problems, and it makes life a little less frustrating. Here is… Read More

From my experience and having the benefit of working with thousands of clients over the years, I’ve learned that there are five common mistakes a lot of people make in retirement planning. I am writing about them in an upcoming book, but here’s a preview: Nearly every leading edge baby boomer wonders, “when should I… Read More