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Avoid Senior Scams

Please caution your clients against ongoing scams via letters, phone calls and emails. An ongoing scam is a letter going to property owners asking them to pay a fee of $83 for a copy of their deed and a property assessment. It’s easy to fall for….but don’t. Anyone who responds will be paying for something available for free directly from many Register of Deeds’ websites, and they likely will be targeted for more aggressive scams.

If you receive this type of letter, or other types of scams especially those directed to the elderly, you should contact the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office at or call toll-free to 1-877-5-NO-SCAM. There is a special emphasis on protecting North Carolina seniors from scams.

There is a helpful booklet prepared by the NC Attorney General, entitled “Scams & Fraud” available online detailing dozens of scams. It is available free at Scams have descriptions such as “Grandma/Grandpa, it’s me!” or the “Phony IRS Agent” or various types of construction and sweepstakes scams. It’s worth downloading and distributing to family and friends to stay alert.

These days more than ever seniors and those who love them need to be careful about responding to unsolicited phone calls and letters. There are too many criminals inside and outside of the USA that are eager to separate you from your money in scams.

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