We are always looking for people like you! 

We’re a growing firm with a mission of protecting and serving the financial well-being of families in central North Carolina. If you have a passion for Estate Planning, Elder Care, or the Dementia Care Journey, we would love to have you join our team. Simply email Miriam Biber at [email protected] to start a conversation.

More about who why you would want to work with us 

Our clients are remarkable…our team needs to be remarkable, too.

We offer comprehensive planning services, customized for our client’s needs, in a way that shows we truly care. We’re focused on helping our clients navigate the difficult decisions to plan ahead for family matters. Often this includes planning for long-term care, or guidance through a nursing home care crisis. Customer service is important with us, and our efforts have been rewarded by satisfied clients and business growth through the years.

We are different in three main ways: we offer fixed fees; advanced technology; and a progressive work environment. Those differences help how we’re perceived by clients, and they impact your experience as part of our team.

Our method of billing clients removes the worry and stress from them. We bill our clients through fixed fees which are explained at their first meeting. Our clients don’t worry about “running up their bill” or being surprised by their legal fees, and so they can relax and feel more comfortable dealing with a lawyer.

For you this means you don’t spend your days judged by how many billable hours you accumulate. You’re not going to be held accountable for uncollected legal fees, because our clients pay in advance secure in knowing the value of the services they are receiving.

Commitment to Technology

Our website reflects our commitment to technology. Through our website, we provide the most comprehensive source of estate planning for boomers and seniors available in North Carolina. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to make our website a useful resource for people learning about their rights and options for long-term care planning. Even if visitors don’t hire us, we often hear that visiting our website helped them somehow. Plus, it allows visitors to direct family and friends to to find out for themselves what they need to know.

In our office, we’ve made smart use of technology and support to make sure your time and talents aren’t wasted. We are leaders in developing our customized case management system, and we make certain that we have the tools to do your job effectively and efficiently.

We Believe in Our Team

Our work atmosphere revolves around a team concept. We value our employees as individuals and encourage you to live balanced lives and take care o themselves and their families. We offer PTO days (personal time off) so that you can have flexibility in deciding your days away from the office. We also close our office Friday afternoons, which employees appreciate as a time to spend with family or accomplish errands or appointments.

All employees and support personnel are encouraged to have an “owner mentality” from the CEO, to our Education and Outreach Director, to our IT Specialist. It’s not enough to just “do your job” well. We need employees who bring both their skills and their hearts to their work. They really want to be part of a team that excels in its field and connects with helping others.

Interested in working at The Elderlaw Firm?

If this sounds like the kind of work environment where you would thrive and you’re a professional who excels at what you do, we should talk. Please send your resume with career objectives to Miriam Biber at [email protected]. Whether or not we’re currently hiring, we are always looking for and talking with excellent attorneys, paralegals, and administrative team members.

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