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IRA and Retirement Plans

Tips to Review Your IRA for Beneficiaries and Distribution

December 5, 2014

Your IRA might need CPR. That’s a “Complete Planning Review” to get the most from your IRA. Here are often misunderstood, but rock-solid rules about your traditional IRA that too many families overlook and they suffer as a result. Somehow, Someday, Someone will pay taxes on your IRA. That will be you when you withdraw it…

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IRAs in Estate Planning

December 2, 2014

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) offer tax advantages and are popular investment tools for retirement. But there are some special estate planning considerations for IRAs as part of your estate. Without proper planning, your IRA may become a tax nightmare for your heirs. IRA Basics There are two basic types of IRAs used for retirement planning: the traditional IRA, and…

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How to Handle an Inherited IRA

December 2, 2014

When you inherit an IRA, there are traps for the unwary if you aren’t careful. Before doing anything with the IRA, learn your options and consult with an attorney or financial advisor as soon as possible to make the right decisions. General Tax Rules During Lifetime IRAs are tax-advantaged savings plans, to set aside money…

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