Dylan King

Client Relationship Manager

As a Client Relationship Manager, Dylan King will be one of the first individuals you connect with at our firm through our complimentary, 30 minute-Discovery Call. With Dylan’s goal of always wanting to assist folks where they are in life, this call means just as much to him as it will to you. 

With more than 16 years of senior living experience, working his way up from maintenance assistant to Executive Director of Operations, Dylan likes to look at problems from the inside out and find the best solution that makes the most sense, which is exactly what you’ll get when you choose to work with us. 

Dylan lives in Clemmons with his wife & best friend, Kayla and their 5 beautiful children, 3 girls & 2 boys. Needless to say there aren’t many other hobbies he’s able to enjoy in this phase of his life; other than being the best dad he can for his children!

About the author

Dennis Toman

With all four grandparents, plenty of uncles and aunts, plus lots of cousins of all ages and two younger siblings, Dennis understood the love and laughter and closeness that family means. With all of his grandparents farmers, Dennis learned quickly what hard work, being frugal and planning ahead for hard times meant.

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