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Protections for the Community Spouse

Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA) Amount:

Minimum: $23,448

Maximum: $119,220 (increases annually effective January 1)

Increased CSRA: permitted in theory but it requires a hearing

Annuities: actuarially sound annuities are permitted

Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance:

Minimum: $1,967

Maximum: $2,931

For our online calculator to determine the MMMNA protection for the spouse still living at home, click here.

For more information about the CSRA protections, click here.


Average monthly cost of nursing home care according to state: $6,300 ($210/day)

For more information about effect of transfers on Medicaid eligibility, click here.


North Carolina is not an "income cap" state.

For explanation, click here.

Estate Recovery

North Carolina has not expanded the definition of "estate" beyond the probate estate.

There is a hardship provision in the estate recovery plan.

For more explanation about estate recovery and hardship exceptions, click here.

Home Equity Limit

The maximum home equity allowed for North Carolina Medicaid is $552,000

For explanation, click here.

Long-Term Care Partnership Program

North Carolina has a Long-Term Care Partnership Program, but it also has the possibly disadvantage of expanding the definition of assets subject to estate recovery.

For explanation about the North Carolina LTCP Program, click here.

Page last updated: January 22, 2015

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