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Free North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPAA Authorization!

Here's good news! For a Free NC Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPAA Authorization, complete and submit the form below!  You'll receive your documents via email within days at no cost, with signing instructions.

With the COVID-19 health care crisis swirling around, having a North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) is especially important. What would happen if you couldn’t make or communicate your own medical decisions? That’s when having a NC HCPOA would be critical.

Now The Elderlaw Firm has made it easy and free to set up a North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney! This is our gift, as a service to our community.

A HCPOA (sometimes called a Health Care Proxy) allows you to appoint the person you would want to make your medical decisions if you can’t make or communicate those decisions.

A HIPAA Authorization supplements the HCPOA to name people (usually trusted family members) to talk with health care providers, such as in the emergency room.

Please share this with your family and friends, especially anyone age 50 and above! We want to help you and others in our area to have a valid Health Care Power of Attorney in place.

Family and Financial Organizer

These Family and Financial Organizers are perfect for those who are looking to organize their financial wellbeing before speaking with an Elderlaw Firm Attorney. Please bring this form with you when we meet for your consultation. These will assist us in making the best use of our time together to consider your specific goals and personal situation. Don't worry about total accuracy - just do the best you can for now!

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