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Retirement Finances

Your retirement years depend on making good financial decisions in advance.  This requires hard work, saving money, and sound investments. In your younger years, you focus on accumulating an estate. As you near retirement age still healthy and vigorous, you’ll need to shift your focus to balancing accumulation with preservation. Then if you have memory or mobility issues, or if you’ve had a stroke or have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or another debilitating disease, your primary need will be to preserve your assets and leverage what you have for long-term care expenses.

Generally retirement investments will involve some financial products designs to give a better return than bank CDs, but without the risk of losing money if the stock market declines. Even for people comfortable investing directly in stocks or mutual funds, part of their financial plan often includes annuities and life insurance that provide long-term care benefits. While this site can’t give financial advice, you should learn your options to protect your retirement savings.

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