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Guilford County Elder Law Attorney: What Can Adult Children Do When Elder Parents Need Help and the Spouse Disagrees?

May 25, 2018

It’s a common story among blended families: an aging parent becomes ill and the parent’s biological children clash with the parent’s spouse. While some of these disagreements are generally small, there are times when the disagreements are not only great, but the child also fears for the parent’s health and safety. Even though spouses have…

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10 Steps to Less Stressful Caregiving

January 30, 2015

As a family caregiver, whether you chose the role or had it thrust upon you by circumstances, you know that taking care of an elderly loved one with memory or mobility issues can be exhausting and stressful. Often caregivers fail to care for themselves, for various reasons. But when you fail to care for yourself,…

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Communicating with Your Loved One

December 1, 2014

As a caregiver, you will find that you’ll need to adjust how to you interact with your loved one with memory problems. In particular, you may find that as the need for assistance increases, your loved one with memory problems may not always react well to being “told what to do,” as you direct him so he’s safe…

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Using a Caregiver Contract for a Single Person

October 19, 2014

When a widowed or divorced parent needs care, a written caregiver agreement may help with Medicaid planning. This article describes Sally Johnson’s situation, and if you’re in this situation much of this may apply to you, too. Let me tell you about Sally Johnson. She feels worn out.  Four years ago her father died and for the past…

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