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Medicaid Application

Medicaid and VA Benefits Summary

January 25, 2015

When a loved one needs care at home or in a facility, there may be help paying for costs of care. As a general matter, there are five ways to pay for the cost of care. These are: Medicare Private resources (including long-term care insurance) Veterans benefits Medicaid Each of these is summarized below. You can browse…

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The Path to a Smooth North Carolina Medicaid Application…How to Avoid Denials and Appeals

January 24, 2015

Have you ever filed a Medicaid application? Or have you worried about the need to file one? An inadequate Medicaid application can lead to delay and lack of payment to the nursing home. These problems lead to denials of applications and appeals. Filing a Medicaid application can be daunting. Think of an income tax return,…

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Medicaid Treatment of the Home

January 23, 2015

Nursing home residents do not automatically have to sell their homes to qualify for Medicaid. In North Carolina, the home will not be considered a countable asset as long as he or she intends to return home, or the resident’s spouse or other dependent relatives live there. For a single person, there is a limit…

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Treatment of Income for Medicaid

January 23, 2015

Generally, if the applicant’s income is more than the facility’s private pay rate, the applicant will not be eligible for Medicaid. Otherwise, income won’t prevent a nursing home resident from becoming eligible for Medicaid. Once eligible for Medicaid, all of the nursing home resident’s income less certain deductions must be paid to the nursing home. These…

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Medicaid Rules to Protect the Healthy Spouse

December 19, 2014

Medicaid law includes special protection for the spouse of a North Carolina Medicaid applicant. But don’t rely on the Medicaid Office to tell you how to apply these rules to your full advantage.

The purpose of these rules is provide the spouse at home with income and assets in order to continue to live in the community. In Medicaid, the spouse at home is called the “community spouse” and the spouse in the nursing home is the “institutionalized spouse.”

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When Your Spouse is In the Nursing Home

December 5, 2014

When Your Spouse is In the Nursing Home, Get Better Results with the Right Actions and Advice  When your spouse is in the nursing home in Greensboro, NC or the surrounding areas, don’t expect the Medicaid Office to tell you how to protect yourself. Here are tips you need to know to protect yourself, your…

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How Soon Can I Get Medicaid?

November 25, 2014

If a person has no countable assets, they can generally qualify for Medicaid in North Carolina quickly.  For a single person, North Carolina Medicaid requires that a nursing home resident be in a Medicaid bed, need nursing home level of care, and have no more than $2,000 of “countable” assets. For a married couple with one spouse…

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Avoid Nursing Home Impoverishment

November 14, 2014

Avoid these big money mistakes when a parent or spouse needs nursing home care If your loved one is in a nursing home or soon will be, the thought of paying $6,000 per month or more can be utterly terrifying.  Many folks find their life savings drained in a matter of months.  That’s where the…

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How Medicaid can Help to Care for the Nursing Home Spouse

October 19, 2014

How to Care for the Nursing Home Spouse and Still Pass on an Inheritance to the Children Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been residents of Greensboro for nearly 30 years. Several years ago Mrs. Smith began to develop memory problems and in recent years she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Mr. Smith loved his wife, Carol, very much…

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How a Married Couple Can Avoid Spend Down

October 19, 2014

Can a Married Couple go through Divisions of Assets, Qualify for Medicaid …And Still Keep Everything?  The Answer May Surprise You Ralph and Alice were high school sweethearts who lived in Greensboro, North Carolina, all their adult lives.  Two weeks ago Ralph and Alice celebrated their 51st Anniversary.  Yesterday, Ralph, who has Alzheimer’s, wandered away from…

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