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About The Elderlaw Firm

When did this happen?

Maybe you recall the time when you looked around the room…and realized that you were the oldest one there. Now your children have gone off to live their own lives, and you’re wondering where the years went…and what the future will bring? Perhaps you’re looking forward to retirement or are already there.

The news keeps saying that Americans are living longer than ever. Meanwhile health care costs continue to rise, and life keeps getting more complicated. You’ve put away some money but never planned on low interest rates and an uncertain economy. You’ve weathered past economic downturns and are looking forward to a brighter tomorrow…but you’re wondering what it will take to get there.

Maybe you look back at how your parents did their planning. They had their will in place, and in their later years care needs kept increasing. They received care in a nursing home, or with relatives providing care. Unless your parents died suddenly, most likely either family provided care themselves or your parents paid month after month for devastating long-term care costs.

Or perhaps you’re up to your neck right now dealing with the elder care system, whether for yourself, your spouse or your parent. Many people will put off until it’s too late important planning steps that go far beyond the traditional Will and Living Trust. As a consequence they find themselves going broke in a nursing home, or having to navigate the complicated and cumbersome Guardianship process. They wish that they had done more when they first started experiencing memory or mobility issues, but they just didn’t know where to turn for financial and legal guidance.

Law is like medicine now. Everything is specialized. When you go to the doctor, you choose one who specializes in your particular illness or disease. For a heart problem, you’d go to a cardiologist. If  your knees hurt too much to get around you would go to an orthopedist. You look for board certifications, and it’s important to you than your doctor has many years of experience helping others in similar situations get better.

Now you’re searching the Internet for estate planning information and it’s overwhelming. As a boomer or a senior making plans for a long life, or confronting a care crisis, how do you move forward with your estate planning when the whole system is so complicated? You know that you need to find the right lawyer to help, who has the experience and the knowledge to provide the counsel you want, and who takes the time to listen to you. But you’re worried that an expert in Elder Law and Estate Planning would be too expensive, and you will get charged every time you call and will not know the total bill until after the work is done.

Now more than ever, folks in North Carolina can benefit from expert guidance along the retirement and elder care journey. But you’re wondering who can help, and how to get started.

Fortunately there is help

You are not alone. And we’re here to help. We focus on elder law estate planning, and we’ve done it for many years and for thousands of people in North Carolina.

The Elderlaw Firm was founded on the passion that Dennis Toman has for helping families navigate through the difficult decisions that often come with long-term care planning. He saw first hand the problems that North Carolina families face when they don’t get the right legal and financial advice for retirement and long-term care. For boomers and seniors The Elderlaw Firm goes beyond traditional estate planning. When it’s important to you to protect your family, preserve your assets, and define your legacy, we’re ready to help.

When Dennis started the Elderlaw Firm, he left another firm that handled a variety of matters. The Elderlaw Firm does what our name says: Elder Law Estate Planning. We could tell you about Dennis’ professional certifications as one of the first Elder Law Specialists in North Carolina, and we could tell you about the comprehensive and customized planning that we do for our clients who trust us. But more than all of that we want you to know that we’re compassionate. We have a remarkable group of men and women at our law firm who truly care and work hard ever day to make life better for you…and your family.

We know that planning for the future can be uncomfortable. That’s why from the first time you call us and then step in our door you’ll be treated like family. You can rest assured that we’ll take the time to listen to what you want for your future, understand your situation and what’s important to you. Then we’ll write a plan around that future.  We’ll tell you exactly what the cost will be, up front and to the penny. Our goal is for you to leave with peace of mind knowing that you’ve gotten the attention you deserve and the legal expertise that you need. You’ll feel better having planned for the need before it arises, so that you’ll be prepared later.

We’re not the right law firm for everyone. But whether you’re in good health and planning ahead to create the most remarkable second half of life, or needing help finding and getting care for a parent or spouse, you can rest easier having our help.

When you’re ready to get started, please give us a call at (336) 378-1122 or send us an email at We’ll look forward to hearing from you and getting started. You’ll like it too.