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Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid and Division of Assets

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Our FREE Medicaid Guide Reveals the Little-Known Tips and Strategies You Need to Know to Qualify for North Carolina Medicaid Legally and Honestly…Without Having to Sell Your Home or Leave Your Family Without a Dime!
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Did you know that thousands of Americans that are eligible for Medicaid never even apply for benefits? Yet postponing or avoiding this process means you could be wasting thousands of dollars every year.

Even worse is a problem that I see all too often in my Elder Law practice — many people make the mistake of acting on bad advice from well-meaning family members and friends or making important financial and estate planning decisions without having all the facts.
Under the tough new Medicaid guidelines recently signed into law, these mistakes can be punished by months, or even years of ineligibility for benefits…Don’t let this happen to you!

I know that trying to make sense of Medicaid eligibility can be daunting…I help people navigate the system every day.

That’s why I wrote “The Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid and Division and Assets”…to help simplify this important phase by answering your most pressing questions, offering real-world strategies that work, and walking you though the entire process step-by-step.
Here Are Some of the Secrets Your FREE Guide Will Reveal…

Discover some of the biggest mistakes families of North Carolina nursing home residents make (and how you can avoid them!)
Find out why “traditional” estate planning may not work…and find out what does
Learn how gifting money to your children can disqualify you from Medicaid…unless it’s done just right
Learn how a Living Trust can ruin your planning opportunities for Medicaid
Find out how you might be able to qualify for Medicaid without spending down
Learn how retirement plans can be decimated…and how you might be able to protect yours
Discover what legal document you should probably have in place…and the three things it should contain
Learn how to find the right North Carolina nursing home and how to get good care there

We understand, of course, that every situation is unique. That’s why your Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid Planning will also include a certificate for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation with an experienced and qualified elder law professional in our office.

This consultation is a great opportunity to have your questions answered and to gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re taking the steps that so many smart families in North Carolina have successfully used to protect their loved ones and their hard-earned savings.

Finally, as a special bonus for requesting your free guide today, you’ll also receive our informative e-mail newsletter and instant FREE access to The North Carolina Nursing Home and Assisted Living Guide.

An invaluable resource for families in search of the right care facility for their loved one, The North Carolina Nursing Home and Assisted Living Guide features a number of essential items:

County-by-county listing of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospice services in North Carolina
Printable rating forms to help you evaluate prospective care facilities
An easy-to-follow list of the questions you should be asking as you search
How to Get Good Care in a Nursing Home — a “nuts and bolts” guide to ensuring that your loved one gets the best care possible

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