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Protect Your Family by Not Writing a Blank Check to the Nursing Home


About our book titled: “Protect Your Family! Don’t Write a Blank Check to the Nur$ing Home”:

Written by Certified Elder Law Attorney Dennis Toman and ten other nationally-known elder law attorneys, our “Protect Your Family!” book gathers the collective wisdom of a dream team of leading elder law attorneys. We tell you in plain English how to protect your family and your hard-earned assets before it's too late. You'll learn essential tools and knowledge for effective long-term care planning. Dennis Toman contributed "Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease: What Patients and Their Families Need to Know."


This book includes chapters on:

  • “How to Prepare for Getting Older”
  • “Senior Living Options"
  • “Reverse Mortgages”
  • “Caregivers”
  • “Myths and Misunderstandings”
  • “Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease: What Patients and Their Families Need to Know”
  • “Medicaid”
  • “Special Monthly Pension Available Through the Veterans Administration”
  • “Trusts”
  • “End of Life Issues”
  • “Pitfalls, Problems, and Things to Look Out for When Considering Long-Term Planning”

This book is available online at  We also provide it free for you if you visit our office and make a $10 contribution to the Alzheimer's Association.

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