You’re Not Alone: Living With Dementia

My name is Dennis Toman, and I am an elder care attorney here in Greensboro, NC.

As a resident of this area, I’ve seen hundreds of individuals and families affected by dementia. The news of diagnosis and the responsibility of care that goes along with it are profound and life changing.

I have made it my life’s mission to serve individuals and families dealing with the emotional toll of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and to help, encourage and guide both the diagnosed and their caregivers. I want them to truly know, they are not alone, and my team and I are here to help when needed. 

This Book Is For You, If You or a Loved One…

  • Has recently been diagnosed with dementia…
  • Or is experiencing memory impairment…
  • Or is concerned about changes in memory… 
  • Wants to know how to plan for the impact it could have on your finances…

A Guide for Dementia Patients and Their Caregivers That Is Focused on Body, Spirit and Long-Term Care

If you are reading these words, you have my sincerest well wishes, as you travel through this new and challenging chapter of life, which is why I published this short, easy-to-read book. Here’s just a small sampling of what I share in this book:

  • Page 11—An overview of dementia
  • Page 21—Other causes of memory impairment
  • Page 37—Different types of dementia
  • Page 47—The importance of early evaluation and treatment
  • Page 71—Planning ahead for legal matters and care costs
  • Page 81—The critical next step
  • Page 85—Frequently asked questions regarding dementia
  • Page 97—Dementia reference and resource list

About the author

Dennis Toman

With all four grandparents, plenty of uncles and aunts, plus lots of cousins of all ages and two younger siblings, Dennis understood the love and laughter and closeness that family means. With all of his grandparents farmers, Dennis learned quickly what hard work, being frugal and planning ahead for hard times meant.

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