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Elder Law Attorneys on How to Help Seniors Find Joy During the Holidays

The holiday season is joyous for many. However, it can be overwhelming if you care for an older adult. People in their senior years often feel isolated from the outside world if they can’t participate in certain festivities. Maybe they used to be active and loved playing with their kids and grandkids but no longer have the energy or physical abilities. 

Older adults are at risk of depression, anxiety, and loneliness when the holidays begin. You should consider options for keeping them involved in family traditions and solutions for combating their feelings of sadness. 

Below are tips from our Greensboro elder law attorneys to help the senior in your life enjoy the holidays this year. 

Start a New Tradition 

Beginning a new tradition can spark excitement whether your loved one lives in your home or an assisted living facility. Maybe you always celebrated each holiday at someone else’s house. If you care for someone who has trouble walking, consider hosting the holidays in your home. 

Get your loved one involved in the festivities. You can roast marshmallows by the fireplace or have them participate in friendly competition with some board games. They will feel like they’re still part of the holiday celebration when there’s an event that’s new to everyone, even if they’re only there to watch. 

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane 

Cognitive abilities begin declining the older people get. Struggling to recall specific memories might be challenging for your loved one. You can relive the fun times you used to have as a family by going through pictures or showing home videos. Take a trip to places where you spent time together when you were a child, such as a park, a cafe, or a playground. 

Reminding them of the fond memories you share can boost their mood. Discussing the things you once enjoyed doing together is a valuable way to ensure their happiness during the holidays. 

Include Your Loved One in the Decision-Making 

Many older adults miss planning for the holiday season. Parents are especially reminiscent of what they used to do with their children. Now is an opportunity to let your loved one decide how you’ll spend the holidays this year. 

The older adult in your life can let you know what festivities they want. They can help pick out decorations, plan activities, and get the house ready for entertaining. Getting them into the holiday spirit is simpler when they feel included. 

Don’t Forget About Family Favorites 

Think about the aspects of the holidays your loved one enjoyed the most. Maybe your mom baked the same cookies every year, or your dad strung Christmas lights on the house. Include your loved one’s favorites in the festivities. Whether they always had eggnog available for everyone to drink or played holiday songs on the radio, add those things to the celebration. 

Prevent Overindulging During the Celebration 

The excitement of celebrating the holidays can lead to overindulgence. You should monitor your loved one’s food and alcohol intake, especially if they have medical conditions that can cause unpleasant symptoms. 

Ensure they don’t eat anything that upsets their stomach. If they drink, limit the number of beverages they have so they can sleep well at the end of the night. They might have a strict schedule to follow, and the holidays shouldn’t change that. 

Contact our Greensboro Elder Law Attorneys 

By including your older loved ones in the preparations, he or she will surely enjoy themselves during the holidays. If you need additional help managing your loved one’s estate planning or long-term care needs, please feel free to contact our Greensboro elder law attorneys at (336) 378-1122 to schedule an appointment.  

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