Our Support Team

Donna E. Elmore


Helping people seems to be a big part of Donna’s DNA.  At work, she helps our attorneys prepare clients’ estates with the best protection possible. As time passes, and families need her help again in times of sorrow, Donna has compassion when clients are navigating paperwork, courthouse visits and legal requirements of Estate Administration.

In her personal life, she helps those in need through mission projects at home and in other states. In all situations, Donna is drawn to people overwhelmed by life’s events.  Her calm, level thinking is the welcome help needed to bring about peace of mind.

Donna and her husband enjoy riding their yellow, Harley Road Glide motorcycles.  Yes, Donna just happened to mention that one day, and most people were surprised.  Isn’t it fun really getting to know your teammates!

About the author

Dennis Toman

With all four grandparents, plenty of uncles and aunts, plus lots of cousins of all ages and two younger siblings, Dennis understood the love and laughter and closeness that family means. With all of his grandparents farmers, Dennis learned quickly what hard work, being frugal and planning ahead for hard times meant.